In an electrifying two-day visit that set the stage for future innovations, Reg Horman, the visionary founder of Redgic, embarked on a groundbreaking journey to Zoho India in February 2024. This was not just any visit; it was a meeting of minds, where Horman engaged with the management and development maestros behind Zoho’s diverse and dynamic portfolio. Delving deep into the heart of Zoho’s operations, Horman shared and explored an array of Zoho deployments, cutting-edge developments, and groundbreaking ideas, sparking conversations that could enhance existing and new technologies.

The synergy between Zoho and Redgic’s core strategies was not just discussed but vividly brought to life, promising a collaboration that could redefine industry standards. The highlight of the visit was an inspiring meeting with Radha Vembu of Zoho Corporation, marking a momentous occasion that symbolized a powerful convergence of vision and ambition. This visit heralds a new era of innovation and strategic partnership between Redgic and Zoho, setting the stage for transformative projects that will further enhance Zoho and Redgic’s success.

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