If you have to REMEMBER to use CRM – IT WILL FAIL!

In the very early days, Contact Management applications were plenty. They did what they said on the tin and in most cases replaced the physical contact cards.

As with all systems, these evolved into today’s range of ‘complete’ communication relationship platforms, AND the communication options have expanded and are expanding exponentially.

A list of possible CRM applications is bewildering. The HUGE brands dominate certain sectors, lesser  brands, usually a LOT less expensive, deliver similar functionality (and sometimes more).

So why is it that the larger brands tend to be more successful in applying CRM? 

One of the reasons is the technical and consultative support to them, and that costs a LOT of money! Money, the SME sector simply cannot afford.

For CRM in any organisation to succeed it must be the ‘Go to’ application where information is captured, processed and delivered to help users achieve their tasks. If you don’t achieve this dynamic data interface, then users will struggle to make CRM work – they have to ‘remember’ to use it, when often, the ‘event’ has already happened.

SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle… are seen as corporate – they consume ERP/MRP into workflow processes and integrate with other ‘specialist’ applications to try and deliver a comprehensive Communication solution. 

In the past 26 years Zoho has been applying CRM solutions, expanding its own modules, encouraging a dynamic and cost effective development environment, and ensuring seamless availability of solutions in the hands of those that need them, at affordable costs in the SME market.

Redgic, has moved Companies from all major CRM brands, onto Zoho, and at the same time reduced costs (considerably).

Redgic Training provides the ‘knowledge’ to allow users to manage their solutions. Redgic oversees change requests, solutions and change management, to ensure implementations are correctly managed and documented. This can be online or on-site.

There is no ‘magic wand’ to CRM – its a CULTURE – is your organisation CRM ready?  If not, DO NOT INVEST until you are, and of you are not sure, contact us to discuss.

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