If you have to REMEMBER to use CRM – IT WILL FAIL!

Back in the day, contact management apps were simple and mainly replaced the old paper contact cards. But now, these apps have evolved into advanced platforms that handle all sorts of communication, and the number of communication methods is growing fast.

Choosing a CRM (customer relationship management) system can be overwhelming. Big names dominate the market, but smaller, often cheaper brands can offer similar or even better features.

Big brands might do well with CRM because they offer lots of technical support, but this support can be expensive, something small and medium-sized businesses might not afford.

For CRM to work well in any company, it needs to be the main tool where information is recorded, processed, and used to help people do their jobs. If it’s not easy and natural to use, people will forget to use it, especially if the moment to capture the information has already passed.

Big names like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle are geared towards large companies, integrating with other specialized apps to create comprehensive solutions.

Zoho has been making CRM systems for 26 years, constantly improving and making its tools more affordable, especially for smaller businesses.

Redgic has helped companies switch from major CRM systems to Zoho, saving them a lot of money. Redgic also offers training to help users get the most out of their CRM, and supports them through changes to ensure everything is set up correctly, whether online or in person.

CRM isn’t just a tool; it’s a way of working. If your organization isn’t ready to embrace CRM fully, it’s best not to invest until you are. If you’re not sure, we’re here to help you figure it out.

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