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Redgic provides to Businesses a bridge in using technology efficiently, and to technology a bridge into the nuances of business requirements across most industries and to I0T/Industry 4.0 integration levels.

One cannot live without the other yet there seems to be a growing divide between what is required, what is possible and how to apply cost-effective and future-proof solutions. IT as an industry too often relies on users to define what they want. Users only know what they know and do not know what is possible, and most Software developers too have no knowledge of what systems are required to drive and improve business. What is needed is the ‘digital architect’ who has the experience, knowledge, understanding, agility, and vision to see where and how applying technology can help. Followers do just that, Leaders and Visionaries are different and hard to define. The founder and leader at Redgic has the ‘knack’, from first defining how Microcomputers would impact corporates (even before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!) to today’s IoT to tomorrow’s AI and machine-driven worlds.

Redgic’s resources don’t know everything either, but they are confident in the unknown, trained to think ‘out of the box’, and capable of making things happen: proven around the World and across most sectors.

IT Businesses simply cannot consume and/or offer everything to a business. Working across technology capabilities can be extremely difficult. disruptive and costly.

The resources and Partners at Redgic help business to optimise and use in a cost-effective way technology, they understand every digital jigsaw piece puzzle, how they connect to deliver cost-effective business solutions.

Managing Change is a challenging aspect of the Redgic service; perhaps the most challenging. The biggest competitor is an IT culture called HAB, breaking habit is essential to make changes.  

Redgic is very well positioned to help Companies develop and deliver IT Strategies and the means by which to achieve them – demand is extremely high and access to our service is not quaranteed.

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