Our biggest competitor is HAB IT…

Redgic builds and maintains digital bridges between technology and business.

There is a growing divide between:

  • What is best for business
  • How to minimalise the impact of ‘Takenology’
  • How to migrate and deploy
  • How to secure and protect

 Too often, systems are ‘recommended’ without considering the ‘digital architecture’, ‘culture’, and real cost. 

Where technology is a ‘fashion’ item, users unthinkingly follow it.

Systems and IT suppliers too often rely on a user to define what is required. Users only know what they know and do not know what is possible. 

What is needed is an affordable ‘digital architect ‘capable of defining a strategy that business owners can adopt and apply, which technologists can deliver and support.

A team with the experience, knowledge, understanding, agility, and vision to see where and how applying technology can help a business, and, more importantly, a team who takes responsibility for migration, implementation, and ongoing support.

Our founder and leader at Redgic has over 45+ years of experience as a digital architect.

As our founder says, breaking habit is essential to adoption and seamless evolution.

The Redgic story started in 1979, it continues… 


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