2023 – Reflections

Forty-four years after bringing affordable computer systems and software to businesses and organisations, I am disappointed when I look back on 2023. 

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt drive demand to a largely uneducated market. Today, business systems are similar to those built by Redgic’s Founder in 1979. Of course, some have evolved to reach ‘millions’ of concurrent users, and here again, Redgic’s vision in the late 90s designed and delivered the first online commercial systems and application platforms; it was an obvious progression to provide secure, relevant, and effective online solutions. About the same time, Zoho, a startup in India, embarked on a similar journey. At the end of 2023, Zoho’s application platform, delivery, and support culture set it apart from other online platforms. Zoho has grown to over 100 million users while maintaining a personal interface. Zoho understands that YOUR information and the way you process things is often YOUR competitive edge, and they respect and protect that! 

Forty-four years later, my T’s2D’s concept is still relevant. However, the challenges of change are magnitudes more difficult, especially as old core systems still underpin many financial applications. 

New businesses can bypass these costs and constraints, yet they often FAIL, due in no small part to the drain in Cash of ‘Take-nology.’ 

The SaaS model looks great for providers but is a growing business and cash flow nightmare.

The business sectors serviced by Redgic have managed to get through 2023. In the private sector, post-COVID challenges remain, aggravated by non-sensical additional interest and employment costs driven by government spreadsheets! Supply Chains are under pressure, and cash starvation is THE most significant issue in a stalling economy. 


2024 – Expectations

Cloud-related systems growth will continue. Great care needs to be made to ensure critical business systems and data remain accessible. Off-line or local system continuity is becoming increasingly essential.

Will we see Local SaaS solutions?

Will we start to see the cycle from mainframe to personal computing repeat from SaaS to Personal SaaS? 

Will we see a change in the way SaaS subscriptions work? 

The Redgic challenge for 2024 is to provide for succession should our Founder from 1979 take a rest. He is still very much the fuel to the Redgic engine driving the many different pistons required to be in control of technology driving the power to business at least cost, maximum benefit…

Will AI be a catalyst to this strategy!

To all, enjoy another year, stay excited, ambitious, and here’s to your health and that of your business.

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