Precision Engineering, Toolmaking, Machine Manufacture, Electronics, Fabrication…

Professional Engineers are at the heart of Redgic’s capability to assist Manufacturing and Engineering businesses consume technology, systems, and data, across the organisation, and range of levels that are required to provide a complete service to an installation.

Capacity and MPS Planning
Real-time data analytics
Brand awareness
Digital security and accreditation
Owner, Directors, management, end user training
Induction & Leavers
Health and safety
Time and attendance
Contract Review
Lean Manufacturing
and more…

A HUGE range of applications and services that are delivered using virtual infrastructure, Software as a Service, centralised management and monitoring to ensure solutions are available, flexible, affordable, relevant, and effective.

Seamlessly, migrating businesses from traditional Client/Server environments is a major part of Redgic’s capabilities, managed using Automated Task management applications and platforms.

Fragmented systems cost money – Stagnated systems impact competitiveness – System decay creates duplication with uncontrolled change.


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