AI is everywhere! Truth is, AI has been around for YEARS gathering data around which new services can be offered. Recent publicity around ChatGPT, now embedded in various platforms, including Zoho and Microsoft, has generated USERS. Like all global platforms, initially offered FREE, but has moved into Payment plans just as fast as the technology progession itself!

So Businesses need to become aware of and be in a position to manage and control AI from many different angles. Businesses need a trusted independent expert to advise, recommend, implement and support such technology.

AI and ‘machine learning’ algorithms could offer massive benefit, they most certainly will generate a ‘new wave’ of provider, BUT they could also be the start of a huge change in the way we work. Businesses that deal in Information, will have to consume this technology and change. Advisors: Tax, Law, Health & Safety, Medical and many more may all be affected.

The dangers are becoming clear. ChatGPT has already been banned in Italy – Why?

Don’t be SOLD AI. Research, discuss, plan and review prior to any major investment.

Use AI where once you used spreadsheets… and be VERY careful. AI using AI will be a major risk:

Artificial Intelligence using Artificial Information could be extremely dangerous!

Redgic is assessing, using and implementing AI on business platform where the data is managed. Using platforms where social data is at its core, it extremely dangerous. Governments will ban AI until they have data assurance and control, until they understand the social consequences in redeploying information workers, UK Business can leverage AI on Managed Data to gain further competitive advantage.

Exciting as was the very first spreadsheet, and yes, our Founder was party to that, AI is needs to be approached with caution.

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