Since 2017, Redgic has applied Zoho applications in Manufacturing and Engineering developing a comprehensive suite of applications to enhance standard ERP/MRP and Financial systems.

Zoho Creator is a ‘Low Code/No Code’ development environment. Meaning designers, users and developers can prototype at source, without the need for ambiguous text based specifications.

Health and Safety

A suite of Zoho Creator applications that help ensure HSE obligations are achieved. Regular inspections drive qualified HSE Tasks driving management real time dashboards. Integrated with Zoho Connect and Zoho Analytics.

Mandatory Tasks

Business is required to provide inspection and accreditation tasks. Redgic’s Mandatory Task solution drives Tasks to Zoho Connect in a timely manner together with details of previous suppliers to help ensure compliance.

Fire Drill and Evacuation

Integrated with Time and Attendance systems, but not wholly dependent on those systems being available, Redgic’s Evacuation Creator App assigns Employees and Visitors to Muster Stations if an evacuation is actioned. The App runs on any device and should connectivity

Contract Review

An application to help Companies review and approve Sales Orders prior to Sales Acknowledgement. Workflow applications integrated with Zoho Sign, Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Connect to provide collaboration around a single view of documents.

Covid/Infection Management

Creator App to set up, monitor, inspect and raise issues against ‘rules’ imposed or otherwise, and to prove and protect employers and employees against poor practice.

Lean Manufacturing

Six sigma modules to help drive contiguous improvement using easy to use mobile applications. Integrated with Zoho Connect, Zoho Analytics, Zoho WorkDrive these applications provide a framework for users at any level to use.


Whatever is required integrated to any of the suite of Zoho applications

To develop applications requires vision, understanding and capability. Redgic delivers.

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