Relationship, understanding, and commitment

Redgic knows how business and technology should work together to help you offer your products and services efficiently and professionally. Zoho is a great tool for this, but first, we need to understand your needs. This means we’ll meet, chat, plan, and figure out the costs for making changes. Just getting a subscription isn’t enough. We’ve spent years learning the best ways to use Zoho’s features to keep costs down and benefits high. We believe in building a partnership based on understanding each other. Our advice is our promise, and together, we’ll get better.

Zoho deployments since 2016…

Since 2016, Redgic has been at the forefront of leveraging Zoho’s cutting-edge application platforms, bringing about transformative changes across various sectors. With the power of Zoho Creator, Redgic has masterfully integrated bespoke applications that empower businesses to excel in Health & Safety, Inspections, Lean Manufacturing, Analytics, and Data Storage solutions. This collaboration showcases Redgic’s commitment to harnessing Zoho’s robust platform, ensuring businesses can maximize benefits swiftly and cost-effectively. Through focused understanding and expert deployment, Redgic continues to unlock the full potential of Zoho’s suite, paving the way for companies to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Enterprise Data Storage

In many companies, managing and sharing data is a task left to individuals who frequently use emails to spread documents. This method often leads to disorganised and costly data management. By adopting Zoho WorkDrive, companies can shift from this chaotic ‘Individual Data Silo’ approach to a more organised system with structured Team Folders. This change not only makes sharing data inside and outside the company more secure and relevant but also saves time and money.


Collaboration and Integration 

Work is all about doing tasks that bring change, create information, and often need reminders to meet deadlines and satisfy both users and the company. Good communication and getting feedback are key. With Zoho Connect, you get a full package for managing tasks, storing data, and working together without relying on email. Thinking it’s time to improve how you store data, keep it safe, and communicate better? Consider Zoho and Redgic.

Data Capture and Reporting

Automatically gathering data from your business apps makes it easier to manage by turning it into useful information. With Zoho Analytics, Zoho Databridge, and DataPrep, Redgic can pull together data from different systems into one place. This lets us give you clear reports, charts, and AI-generated plans to help you make better informed decisions.

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