Cloud / Online computing is now a mature platform upon which business and individuals take quick, secure and flexible application decisions to help process their ever growing data. Cloud / Online solutions for Business was offered to enhance anywhere access at lower overall IT costs. But is that really true?

Cloud costs are generally ‘outside’ a businesses control, as are version upgrades. This delivers quite a dangerous situation in that change can cause downtime and failure. Cloud solutions are generally unable to absorb application nuances and the Cloud support services really do struggle to understand application issues.

As the Cloud Rush declines companies are ‘acquiring’ other companies and whilst this makes commercial sense, it distances end users from support. In fact, where this has happened support often have no idea who is calling and definitely no idea as to what the root source and cause for the support call. ¬†This is especially the case where companies are running ‘hybrid-solutions and/or hosting none standard applications.

The recurring costs of using Cloud are a constant drain on cash flow and profit.

Constant Change and Updates benefit first the technology companies applying them. Most users do not take advantage of additional features and the applications they use daily rarely change. In fact, many applications, and especially where there is a physical connection to machines, run very happily on XP as an operating system. Upgrading for NO useful benefit is a waste of time and money and the potential risks of change are simply not worth it.

Cloud for business is entering a new phase. A phase where change, costs per user and the impossibilities of support make this model more and more impractical. Is it time to UNCLOUD putting cost control back in the hands of the business?