Turning T’s to D’s – T2D


All the clever layers of technology count for nothing unless the delivered applications to end-users are relevant and effective. Of course, the technical platform must be reliable and ideally monitored in real-time but the success of technology is down to the application or software.

Business Software solutions manage core processes. Over time these have been enhanced to reach out and across all areas in a business.  The interface between software has been engineered to provide seamless integration to reduce duplication and work.

The knowledge and range of application software within Redgic reflects the years applying solutions to most business types and areas. From Personal Computing to integrated Process engineering solutions and everything in between.

In all situations Redgic has applied solutions with the ‘T2D’ model in mind. (Turning Triangles to Diamonds).  This simple organisational model helps define how technology should be applied to ALL types of business to optimise and minimise information and technology cost.

T2D Strategic Model for I.T. deployments

The shape of most organisations can be presented as a triangle. This is the T in T2D.

I.T. must change this shape to a Diamond – the ‘D’.

To achieve this within your organisation create a Diamond within your Triangle BUT have the ‘Appex’ lower than that of the triangle.

The line across the diamond we view as the boundary between ‘operational’ and ‘organisation’ activity.  The point of your diamond is in the operational area and represents the point at which things happen and as a by product information is required and generated. There are thousands of such points in an organisation and technology should be used to ensure the information required and generated is real-time.

Information flow becomes more automated meaning management (organisational) interfaces are aware of the real-world and can manage quicker, faster and better.

The T2D concept is a target and today is far easier achieved than ever before.

Most organisations have merely extended the base of their triangle – meaning more cost, increased barriers to change and extended lines of communications.

Time to re-position I.T. and Redgic has access to the technical resources to help all organisations achieve the T2D transition.  If achieved the competitive impact to business is huge.

The Operational touch-points in the T2D model include marketing, PR and similar activities.