As a professional engineer I know that when something looks right, it is right. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is one of those iconic designs. I deliberated for weeks over which new Phone to buy. I analysed what I use these devices for and my conclusion was the new Windows 10 phone – BUT then I looked at the phone design and the Samsung just kept nagging away at me. The iPhone 6 is OK BUT I seriously object to IT profiteering and US companies avoiding UK tax. So in the end my real choice – Samsung or Microsoft. No decision – Samsung won the day and so far my experiences with it and Android surpass everything I had on iPhone!

Looking at why is an interesting exercise. First point is that I can run all I was running. Second the data transfer was seamless (apart from i-tunes!). It is possible to migrate all your music, video’s etc but then that’s not my primary smartphone media. I will eventually migrate from iTunes. The real surprise has been Android which despite its silly naming convention is amazing. Developers move much faster on Android and Android is now self protecting so all the nonsense about Open / Closed platforms cease.

Apple’s position is similar to where BlackBerry was in the late 90’s early 00’s. Will history repeat itself (again!).

The new Microsoft Calendar App ( soon to be embedded in is superb pulling every calendar I have into one view… brilliant stuff

Samsung and Android – unbeatable.