Since I created the T2D’s concept in 1980 I have often wondered whether IT really matters as much as we think it does. Yes we can communicate globally and far easier as individuals than it would appear as business. Yes there are new businesses that rely 100% on IT but what of the traditional and established business. Is IT a costly necessity or is IT really a catalyst for profitable growth and positive cashflow?

In the 80’s I created also a process to help Boards and Executives understand the impending impact of IT. This enjoyable process proved:

1. Requirements work best as pictures

2. IT Strategy is a ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ concept and usually decided without a complete understanding and buy-in of the board.

Today these issues remain and whereas the T2D model is to reduce operational costs IT has in fact added costs, complexity and rigidity.

Redgic offers the agility to ensure IT works best for you and your business. This demands a thorough understanding of Business, Application Software, IT infrastructure, Information delivery and storage methods and the impact of disruptive technologies. IT can be you best friend and worst enemy!