WARNING – this Upgrade can seriously disrupt users and email.

On behalf of Clients and by way of testing future options, even though most Office users do not need to change anything, I applied an update to move from my stable and perfectly adequate 2013 platform to 2016 (shudder and dread). The 2016 platform is the tipping point from ‘application designed for LAN’s to Cloud and, of course, a leverage to ‘force’ users into subscriptions on Office 365.

BE CAREFUL.  The Internet is becoming increasingly less reliable and when IoT really takes off will probably be no longer fit for business purposes.

After 27 hours of wasted time I have a resemblance of my 2013 held within a poor application interface and the usual daily update messages to take Office 365.

BUSINESSES that run Line of Business Applications on either local or hosted environments should think VERY carefully before jumping into Office 365. There are alternatives to Office but most are also Cloud platforms. The UNCLOUD phase is happening and there are new and interesting local devices to consider.