Watching the normalisation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform and the leeming like approach to Office 365 my thoughts turn to an IT world with a Closed Microsoft platform. Akin to Apple!

Great for the consumer but what about the industry and users that have helped Microsoft gain market share with a plethora of business and integrated solutions. Surely Microsoft would not abandon them!

The writing is on the wall evidenced by the demise of XP. This decision is still impact Line of Business applications creating pressure on business to upgrade when there is absolutely no reason so to do.

If my premonition is correct then perhaps THE only solution will be for Microsoft to SELL it’s Line of Business operating, Client / Server and added value network. I cannot see that happening but I can see trouble ahead and yet more pain for business. Their choice will be to either normalise business solutions on-line or stagnate.

Where is the NEW Microsoft? There are alternatives, there is China BUT right now there appears to be a Microsoft cul-de-sac to which we are all being led. Apple users are already hook line and sinker in their cul-de-sac… maybe Apple will OPEN things up and return to the Apple II / III days… just saying