Gear VR

Switching from my iPhone to Samsung Edge 6+ has been enlightening. Samsung, Google’s Android and global applications are in a different world. A  mobile world that is safe, effective and energised by individuals. The collective brain far more exciting that meeting shareholder requirements!
Virtual Reality has been around for a long time. Arguably, it is still a gaming and education technology but with the advent of Augmented Reality, things look set to change. Major services to humanity will evolve and new and exciting non-intrusive techniques will emerge.

My first steps into VR / AR and questions involved:

Do I look at Hololens?  Probably, but at circa $5000 to start that is expensive for what is a rapidly evolving platform. How long will my initial investment hold real value?

Do I look at Samsung / Google Cardboard?  Definitely. For the IPhoner’s out there, VR/AR isn’t happening at Apple – says a lot really – BUT – if they do then watch out as this may re-define these platforms as did the iPhone in the 00’s.

You look a little deeper. Do I go Gear or RIFT? What is the difference. Well it appears Gear is for VR/AR without cables and RIFT is for the serious who want quality sound and even ‘touch’… Let’s take the easiest route first. Gear VR it is then.

Can’t help asking why I’m happy to enclose my World into a pair of Goggles…  like most first destination is the headset itself. Interesting ergonomics that simulate normal keyboard / mouse input. Then I’m off to SPACE for a few pounds. Then my head kicks in and realises that amazing as our Solar System and beyond is a 3D view is someone’s interpretation of what it MAY look like. The 360 degree experience is ‘amazing’ but where is the value?  Is this another TIME extraction technology.

Is this another TIME extraction technology. I can see ALL the dangers of VR Communities. I can see some of the benefits of a VR / AR Environment but NONE surpass the Human Interface.

My VR travels are ‘amazing’ but they are totally selfish and unable (yet) to be shared. So I have bought another pair to see if within my family we can have a ‘shared’ VR experience. Watch this space (but not on your headset!)