Much like I.T., Engineering covers a huge sector each with its own nuances, language and requirements. Engineering exists to make, add or change the qualities of the raw material supplied at stages through the manufacturing process. Redgic has worked on Engineering MRP/ERP projects in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Aeronautical, Textiles, Printing, Jobbing, Sealing, Precision Engineering, Motor, Machine Manufacturing and servicing, Health equipment and many other ‘engineering’ businesses.

Redgic is watching with great interest the ‘digital’ manufacturing evolution, seen as the culmination of those first CAD drawings and dimensions way back in 1979…

Engineering MRP/ERP projects include:

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is a scheduling system

Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Product Code Classification

Financial Systems

Costing Solutions

Real-time shop floor and data management

Mobile solutions and Apps

Proactive Marketing solutions

Private Network platforms by Supplier

Time and Attendance

HR / Payroll

Health and Safety

and more…

Working with software solutions from SAP, Sage, Bespoke, Specialists and shop floor interfaces. Integrated Engineering solutions are more likely to deploy ‘Hybrid Cloud’ solutions and Redgic is able to offer web service integration between Cloud platforms and internal I.T. systems – Digital Cloud Bridges,