CRM an acronym for Customer Relationship Management has from the early 80’s evolved into xRM where ‘x’ is any relationship and communication interface within an organisation – Suppliers, Agencies, Employees, Projects, Servicing and Support, Proactive Marketing and many more areas. Simple Contact Management solutions still hold relevance but have a finite shelf life left.

All organisations should set strategic I.T. targets to have ONE repository for ALL contact interfaces together with all communications to and from each interface!

Add to your xRM solution intelligent workflow and you are creating a Dynamic Information solution through which all relationships are managed and minitored.

Cloud solutions exist to offer CRM anywhere and on any device – a VITAL pre-requisite to achieving ONE xRM solution. However, Cloud alone is still not the answer to anywhere, anytime, any device and any how capture of information. An xRM solution must support Offline / Disconnected situations. Delivered as an APP your xRM solution should allow you to continue to capture, update and use ONE repository. Clumsy offline solutions e.g. Office Outlook Offline is NOT a solution.

Redgic has deployed CRM and xRM solutions. It was the designer of the first multi-modal mobile interface to allow data capture through any interface: Talk, Tap, Type via Voice, SMS, Mobile App and intelligent web service. Redgic has designed seamless solutions across disparate software to help embed xRM in medium, large and corporate solutions.