Cloud basics

As is usual with a technology concept there are a zillion different definitions for Cloud Computing and as usual there are issues that MUST be considered before any business jumps into any Cloud Computing solution.

Cloud Computing is largely a ‘global’ concept and is the technology that has delivered the ‘Social’ phenomena of Skype, FaceBook, Tumblr and more…

The question to ask is whether Cloud is right for Business? and more importantly whether it is right for your business?

Cloud can be great for some business and a potential disaster for others but as a business you must follow a few golden rules to ensure your Cloud doesn’t condense (collapse):

1. Know where and who is managing your data
2. Ensure you understand whether the supply chain to provide the service is wholly owned or itself a collection of disparate companies. Anyone of which could fail impacting your business and systems
3. Evolve through planned changed. Avoid ‘Disruptive’ technologies. If you don’t understand than ASK!
4. Maintain ownership of YOUR data under all potential scenarios
5. Select a service provider who understands YOUR business. Avoid just being a number.
6. Move what works well for you now to the Cloud (or Online) and improve what isn’t working or is missing
7. Try and find ONE Technology provider for ALL your needs including integrated telephony and data solutions – difficult – so use a Technology Broker or Digital Bridge Architect
8. Stay in control of all your technology costs, avoid being ‘held to ransom’.
9. Work with people you can TRUST
10. Remember everyone has an opinion about what is the ‘best’ technology. Plan your I.T. strategy based on rock solid foundations, try and avoid ‘fashion’ and/or ‘dart board’ decision making
11. Talk to existing users. If this is NOT permitted and then avoid these ‘impersonal’ services
12. Do NOT trust any web site – there can be a huge gap between marketing and service reality!
13. Do NOT expect any ISO Standard to be an indication of excellence. Yes standards are an indication of an audited process but this does not at all guarantee acceptable service standards or quality
14. Look for excellence, understanding and help in supporting your business needs
15. Ensure YOUR primary provider is ‘profitable’ and ideally self-funded. VC driven businesses can have dual agenda’s which may put at risk the continuity of your I.T. service supply
16. AVOID using ‘out of Country’ hosted services and staff. World events may affect your systems and therefore your business.
17. DO NOT rush into any Cloud or Online service decision

Redgic has years of experience in helping business Go Online, Go Mobile, Go Global. In fact, Redgic’s founder was pioneer to the first online, first mobile and first SaaS deployments way back in 2001.

Redgic’s professional network is extensive and can provide valuable assistance in making technology work silently, better, safer and faster for your business.