AR or Augmented Reality is very different to VR or Virtual Reality. AR is being driven my technologies like Hololens, Deep Field Camera’s and recently the global phenomenon Pokemon! ┬áKids pick this up just like we did with music. Older generations are left bemused as to what all the fuss is about. AR offers the ability to see the real world and then overlay with virtual objects and content.

Games, Sex and commercial applications e.g. Estate Agencies are emerging BUT at this point in development, there is a HUGE barrier to adoption and that is the HEADSET / Glasses. Pokemon proved that you can provide games on mobile devices without the need for clumsy, heavy and mind-bending devices. New mobile devices e.g. Google Tango, will come with new ways to scan in 3D or Deep Field as it called. This will allow anyone to ‘see’ the environment within which they are and for apps sto ADD content. Content that with the right interface you can ‘touch’. I have yet to see any comments in regard to smell, but that one day may also be possible!

Digitising our senses, creating alternative worlds in our minds (without a needle!) will change the human race. Are we ready to just let this happen. Who is looking at the downside and how dangerous with AR with AI – Artificial Intelligence become. These are HUGE game changers and I don’t thing the real world has any idea what is happening. Wakey Wakey